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Will I Lose My Social Security Disability Benefits When I Retire?

Social Security Disability Retire

What happens if you reach retirement age before that happens? What you want to know is “Will I lose my Social Security Disability benefits when I retire?”

If you are injured on the job or have other medical conditions whether physical or mental that makes it impossible to perform any substantial gainful activity, Social Security Disability provides a sense of financial security – pay bills, cover medical costs, etc. – as you navigate the difficult road ahead. These benefits, or supplementary income, continue until you are able to work again on a regular basis. But what happens if you reach retirement age before that happens? What you want to know is “Will I lose my Social Security Disability benefits when I retire?”

What Happens to Social Security Disability Benefits after Retirement Age is Reached?

For approximately 33% of beneficiaries, Social Security Disability compensation is their sole source of income. So it makes sense that this group of individuals would be concerned about the future of their financial well-being. Many people wonder what happens to their Social Security Disability benefits when they reach retirement age. Do these benefits cease? Do they continue?

If you are wondering what happens to your Social Security Disability benefits when you reach retirement age, don’t worry. These benefits convert to Social Security Retirement benefits once you hit that magical number. Essentially, nothing will change. You will continue to receive a monthly check and you do not need to do anything in order for this change to take effect. And, in most cases, the payment amount does not change.

What is Retirement Age?

Many people think that retirement age is 65. While this is true for some, it is not the case for everyone.

  1. 65 Years: Anyone bore before 1937
  2. 65 years and 2 months: Before 1938
  3. 65 years and 4 months: 1939
  4. 65 years and 6 months: 1940
  5. 65 years and 8 months: 1941
  6. 65 years and 10 months: 1942
  7. 66 years: Anyone born between 1943 and 1954
  8. 66 years and 2 months: Before 1955
  9. 66 years and 4 months: Before 1956
  10. 66 years and 6 months: Before 1957
  11. 66 years and 8 months: Before 1958
  12. 66 years and 10 months: Before 1959
  13. 67 years: Anyone 1960 or later

Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied or Cut Off?

If your social security disability benefits were denied or cut off, the disability lawyers at Jenkins, Block & Associates, P.C. are here to help. We are a member of The National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives and our attorneys have the knowledge and resources available to assist you in getting the benefits you deserve.

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