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“I want to express my deep appreciation to Bruce Block for his excellent representation in my recent disability appeal. We won the case and I am sure that his experience and professionalism, politeness and knowledge was instrumental in the favorable outcome. Mr. Block was very thorough in reviewing my case history and medical records. He spent plenty of time talking with me before the hearing so that he could get a feel for who I am and what I have been going through. He presented the facts of my case accurately and completely to the judge. I found him kind and reassuring as well as confident. I highly recommend Jenkins, Block and Associates if you are in need of assistance with your disability case.”
– David Konecki (Warfordsburg, PA)

“Jenkins block are great lawyers. They work hard to win your case. I would refer any friends relatives to them.”
– Jordan Watts (Baltimore)

“Having Mr. Nicoll as my attorney was a blessing. He was always driven to win the case, even when I started to feel like we wouldn’t. The firm was quick to communicate with any new information and always called to make sure I was doing alright. I’ll never forget the time and effort that Mr. Nicoll and his assistants put into my case. I’m so thankful.”
– Sheila T. (Atlanta, GA)

“Mr. Block and his team are a blessing. They worked hard for me and my case, even during the moments of hopelessness. Their faith in me and my case never faltered and I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and due diligence. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help or counsel.”
– Daphne S. (Baltimore, MD)

“Mr. Block knew exactly what to say during the hearing and worked hard to make sure we had everything we’d need to win the case. The entire law firm, and the people that work there, took the wheel. They ensured that all medical records were in order and they walked me through the case. Without them, there’s no way I’d have won the case. Thank you, Bruce!”
– Claire (Baltimore)

“Before Mr. Block, I thought I would never be able to afford to live. I was ready to give up but Mr. Block was there for me. He made sure I felt safe, calm, and hopeful. I always felt more like a friend than a client. JBA knows what they’re doing and I will forever trust them. If you have questions, Mr. Block has the answers.”
– Jamie (Baltimore)

“Team JBA changed my life. They made sure I got the money I needed to live a healthy and long life. I can now afford to put food on the table and clothes on my back. Thank you so much Mr. Block and team JBA!!”
– Kevin (Baltimore)

“Jenkins Block & Associates are a true blessing. While the rest of the world gave me the cold shoulder, JBA had my back and never gave up on me, even when I felt like giving up on myself. I would NOT have won this battle by myself. I cannot thank them enough, nor do I carry the words to truly express just how grateful I am for Team JBA. Thank you all so much for everything you have done, for the roof over my head, and for the food on my table.”
– Gail (Baltimore)

“Corey Pollard explains things where you can understand and stays in contact with you. He filed all my documents when he said he would, and he seems to actually care about his clients. I would not use anybody else.”
– Vince (Virginia)

“Corey is an awesome guy to have as an attorney. Handled my case with promptness and very professionally. Never forced anything out of me and always kept me well informed on how my case was going. If you want great professional service, this is the guy to go see. Thank you for all that you do Corey. You helped me in so many ways.”
– Brandon (Virginia)

“Thanks to Jenkins and Block, I have received monthly checks and can finally afford to live a healthy life! Thank you Lord!! I cannot thank them enough!”
– Mellani Shears (Hagerstown, MD)

“I had a wonderful experience with Jenkins & Block. Everyone there was great especially Shannon, Michelle and Bruce. I loved that they never gave up even when they kept saying no no no and did not let me give up. It took six years but we finally won the case and they always persevered. The customer service was great! They always followed through. I got to talk to
Bruce and was not left to talk to the receptionist; most lawyers are not like that.”
– April Battersby (Chesapeake City, MD)

“Your staff was very professional, honest, and straightforward. You guys were very prompt and made everybody comfortable when we came in. I had absolutely no problems talking to anybody there. I was just so pleased with everything. I pass your name around in case somebody needs your help.”
– Michelle (Baltimore, MD)

“Working with Jenkins & Block was excellent. The staff was very encouraging and informative. I was kind of confused at first, but then Mr. Pollard and Mr. Block took over the case and I had a better understanding of it. They are very knowledgeable in the legal field they’re involved in and I really appreciate the effort that was put forth on their part.”
– Robert (Richmond, VA)

“It’s been very nice to work with Jenkins and Block. The staff was very helpful. They always answered the phone, got me through to the right person, and tried to help me as quickly as they could. I know a lot of veterans who need help and I gave them your phone number. Ms. Lee was very patient with me and she did everything she was supposed to do.”
– Doressa (California, MD)

“I loved working with Jenkins and Block. It was great. All the employees were very nice to me. Everyone there did a good job and they took the time to explain things to me if I didn’t understand. A lot of lawyers wouldn’t do that. Bruce stood beside me the whole time in court when I was nervous.”
– Carol (Baltimore, MD)

“It’s been great. Anytime I had questions, they answered them to the best of their knowledge. They always kept me up to date on my case and they were right there whenever I needed something. It’s been fantastic. I’d refer Jenkins and Block to anybody. I’m very, very pleased.”
– Maizie (Beaufort, NC)

“Working with Jenkins & Block was easy and pleasant. All I had to do was wait and you guys got it all done. I was very pleased with that. Everything was easy to understand and I was very comfortable talking with you all. I was satisfied with what took place from day one. Other people recommend the firm and it was everything they said it was. You all were right there whenever I needed to get in touch. I never got the run around. I’m going to recommend you to anybody else who needs help.”
– Arthur (Petersburg, VA)

“I’ve worked with the firm since 1983 and it’s excellent. The staff members were kind and courteous to me. I enjoyed working with Mr. Bruce. He gets the job done and has really been an encouragement. He’s aggressive and compassionate. You don’t normally find that combination. He looks out for his clients.”
– Martha (Baltimore, MD)

“You guys have been great and I will definitely tell my friends, family, and everybody else about you. If the highest on the board is 10, then that’s what you get from me. You’ve been very patient and professional. You always return my calls. Thanks a million.”
– Ronald (Baltimore, MD)

“You guys have been excellent with any questions or problems I’ve ever had. As soon as I called, the receptionist made sure to get me to a lawyer that could help me. Jamie got me straightened out and explained to me that I won my case. It just changed my whole situation. I was so happy; I could have told the world. I’ve told several people who are going through the same situation about how Jenkins and Block took care of the problems and won me my case. I say, ‘Contact these people. They will take care of you.’ Also, Monique Lee was awesome. She sat me down and talked me through everything.”
– Kimberly (Emmitsburg, MD)

“We’ve dealt with Jenkins and Block for Social Security Disability back 30 some years, first with my mother and now my husband. We chose them because of their notoriety, success, and how nice they are. Michelle Mulcare just did a fantastic job. I was so comfortable speaking to her and she always returned my phone calls. She was right on the ball. We had a three year fight on our hands and we wouldn’t have ever gotten through them if it wasn’t for Jenkins and Block. I recommend them to anybody and everybody that I feel is in that situation because of that extra care and concern you get from them.”
– Denise (Baltimore, MD)

“Mr. Block was very precise. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I want to thank him again for the wonderful job that he did. It was just amazing. He’s a good man.”
– Charles (Baltimore, MD)

“Mr. Block made me feel like a real human being and not like I was just trying to get something for nothing. I’m really glad that he represented me. I couldn’t stop hugging him enough. Everybody at Jenkins and Block treated me with great respect and I’d use them again.”
– Vanessa (Dundalk, MD)

“It was a great experience. I enjoyed it and there was no hassle. I liked the way Jenkins and Block acted and talked to me. They answered all my questions and they always called me back. I was trying to get my Social Security and I was denied two times. My other law firm wasn’t working for me. I had to do the work myself. So, I had to find another law firm and that’s when I called Jenkins and Block. I’m grateful I did. I’ve suggested them to two different people. I was satisfied and they did a good job. I’m very grateful.”
– Naydeena (Richmond, VA)

“Jenkins and Block understood what I was saying and the pain that I go through every day in my life. Monique Lee truly represented me. It is a relief for someone to understand what you go through every day. I now have hope of saving my home, saving my life, and making changes. Within a 24 hour period, Jenkins and Block opened my eyes to that. Bruce Block, Monique Lee, and all of the paralegals who worked on my case have changed my life. It’s amazing what an attorney can do for you. I’m almost in tears. I really appreciate what they have done for me and I recommend them for anybody. As long as my name is Stephanie, Jenkins and Block will be representing me.”
– Stephanie (Laurel, MD)

“Without Steven Parrish and Mr. Block, I would have never have been able to get through my case. You’re looking forward to the time when you can retire, and in a split second your life changes. You don’t know what to do or who to contact. The best thing I ever did was get Jenkins and Block’s name and phone number and to contact them. They made everything easy and worked very well with my doctors. I didn’t have to worry about anything. They helped me fight my battles. I had never been through anything like this. Without them, I would have been totally lost. They were my warriors who went to battle for me. In the end, they were my heroes. Since then, I have referred friends and family members to them and they have been helped. They make you feel at ease and like you’re important. We built a trust and friendship. On a scale of 1–10, they were a 20.”
– Mary Lynn (Secretary, MD)

“I was injured on the job and had to stop working. There were a lot of things changing in my life. Having someone around, just to help you through with paperwork and to show you what options you have, is very helpful. I’ve built a trust with Jenkins and Block and I can let that part of my life be worry free. It helps for them to be there and instruct me in things I should do. You just can’t imagine how much I appreciate it. If I had to do this alone, I really don’t think I could do it. It has also comforted my family, knowing that there was someone there to help me and that nothing in our lives had to change with these legal issues. It’s better to have the people who know what they are doing take over. I just believe that they know best. They have been excellent with their communication and support. I can call them anytime with any questions I have.”
– Greta (Randallstown, MD)

“I would recommend JBA to almost anyone I talk to be truthful. Anytime I call in there, they find me an answer and get right back to me. I think that’s great. I don’t have to wait for answers. They haven’t just given up on my case that has been going on for almost two years. It’s been real good working with them. I talk to them about anything I need and they help me in every way possible.”
– Gary (McSherrystown, PA)

“This has been one of the best experiences I’ve had with lawyers. They are very efficient, answer questions in a very timely manner, and give a personal touch. I would definitely recommend them to other people.”
– Stacy (Bowie, MD)

“I really appreciate the effort that Jenkins Block & Associates put into my case. Everyone who worked with me did a beautiful job. I’m grateful for their hard work and thankful for the wonderful job they did.”
– Willie Ray (Hagerstown, MD)

“It’s been great with Jenkins and Block. I originally started out with a different lawyer and he wasn’t doing very well. My former boss recommended Bruce Block and they have done a great job for me ever since. It has been seven or eight years. They have really helped me out. I would absolutely recommend Jenkins and Block to anyone.”
– Daniel (Front Royal, VA)

“My experience was positive, even though my case was difficult. But, they definitely made the best of it. Everyone was very helpful. They helped me understand everything better so I knew what was going on and it worked out for me. If anybody was looking for a lawyer, this would be the place to go.”
– Jheri (Randallstown, MD)

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on my Social Security disability case. After 41 years of employment, I never thought I would become disabled. The last several months have been a real challenge physically and emotionally. The financial battle was especially difficult because I have been an independent woman all of my adult life. With God’s grace and your help, this battle is over!”
– Patricia (Randallstown, MD)

“They have done a great service to me. I’ve been telling people who ask me if I know a lawyer, to call Jenkins and Block. I tell them not to fight it alone. I’m very appreciative and very grateful. They are number one in my book!”
– Angela (Glen Oaks, MD)

“I would highly recommend this company in any legal matter and especially in handling social security cases. Mr. Block was professional, courteous, and very understanding. Thank You.”
– Stephanie (Baltimore, MD)

“After ten years of waiting and struggling, Jenkins Block won my case because they stuck with me all the way through — it has been a great experience. Congratulations to the JBA team. Thank you.”
– James (Baltimore, MD)

“We’ve been fighting for over ten years and I had given up a long time ago. The JBA team asked me to just hang in there because they believed in my disability and they were 100% right. Never thought this day would come, cannot thank you enough!”
– Theresa (Baltimore, MD)

“When you’re in pain and you need someone to help, you want to pick the right lawyer—JBA has been great. Since working with JBA for about three years, have never spoken with anyone who has not been extremely helpful, patient and totally professional. I’ve been working with them for a long time and it has been great. If I ever have a question, I know I can ask them anything. Very pleased! I would recommend them to anyone who asks.”
– Anne (Baltimore, MD)

“I’ve been a client at JBA for over ten years and all of my cases have always ended with positive results. I would recommend JBA to anyone. Anytime someone asks, I always refer them to the attorneys at Jenkins Block & Associates“
–Holton (Baltimore, MD)

“I want to thank you very much for all of your help. Your staff was so good to me, not just on the phone, but all of their hard work. You got me my disability (benefits) so fast, I was impressed. Once again, thank you so much!“
– Steve (Baltimore, MD)

“I hope to never need a lawyer again, but if I do, you can bet your last dollar I’ll be calling Jenkins & Block.”
– Rich (Glen Burnie, MD)

“I want to compliment Monique Lee on her true professionalism at my hearing and would recommend Jenkins Block & Associates to anyone. I felt very confident and Monique Lee was very educated and knew what she was doing.”
– Randy (Baltimore, MD)