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Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Lawyer in MarylandEvery day, drivers suffer injuries and damages in car accidents due to another driver’s negligence. After an accident, it is important to protect yourself and your family to make sure you get what you deserve. Insurance companies will try to limit the amount of money you will recover from your accident and try to force a quick settlement often for less than what you actually deserve. Before talking to an auto accident insurance adjuster, contact our office to make sure you understand your legal rights. Protect yourself, know your rights: call us at 1-800-243-2439 and Get JBA First!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my claim?

Call us right away. Do not sign anything or discuss your accident with anyone before consulting with our office. If anyone other than our staff requests information or has questions advise them to contact our office immediately.

What do I do if my vehicle sustained damages in an accident?

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident and/or sustained damaged property or loss, call our office today. Our experienced staff will assist it you in having your vehicle examined by the appropriate insurance company and obtaining estimates of the repair cost.

Who pays for vehicle repairs after an accident?

The insurance company, regardless of whether it’s yours or the “at fault” party’s, will pay you the lesser amount between the vehicle’s repair cost and its fair market value.

Can I get a rental car while my car is being repaired?

If you have the appropriate coverage, you may be able to obtain a rental through your insurance company. You may also be able to go through the insurance company of the party “at fault.” The process and coverage may vary among carriers, so call us today and let us assist you through this process.

Will you refer me to a doctor to treat me for my accident related injuries?

Yes. Choice of physician is always the client’s decision. However, if you prefer, our office will refer to you physicians who have worked with many of our other clients in the past.

What is the value of my claim?

The value of a claim is different for individual cases. Determining a value is a calculation that involves many different factors and can be offered after a thorough examination of all the parts involving your cases. These include, but are not limited to, the likelihood/cost of future medical care, the type of medical treatment you received, cost of treatment, nature/extent of your injury, any permanent disability, and your economic loss.

If I think the accident is my fault, should I admit it?

Never volunteer information about who is at fault for the accident. Immediately following the accident, you may be upset, injured confused and may not be able to take into consideration all the factors surrounding the cause of the accident. Except for cooperating with law enforcement, contact our office immediately before making any statements about the accident. Do not make any payment agreements or decisions at the scene of the accident.

Do I still have a claim if my medical bills were paid by insurance?

In most cases you still have a claim even medical bills were paid by the insurance. Regardless of whether or not your medical bills have been paid, you are entitled to be compensated. However, your health insurance company may legally have a right to assert a lien for recovery of medical expense paid on your behalf-this process is called subrogation. You are also entitled to compensation for losses including, but not limited to, disability, future medical expenses, pain/suffering, and lost earning capacity.

How long will the claim process take?

Our office will work to settle claims as quickly as possible. Each case is different and will have its own timeline. If the case proceeds to trial, the process can take longer. Our commitment is to work as quickly and effectively as possible so that you are able to receive the maximum value of your claim.

Is it ever too late to pursue a claim?

Yes, in most cases in Maryland you have a maximum of 3 years from the date of occurrence to file suit. It is imperative to contact our attorneys as soon as possible to ensure our ability to effectively prosecute your claim. Over time, memory and evidence may be lost, so in order to ensure the best results contact us immediately.