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SSA Denies Wounded Warrior Benefits

Unfortunately, the SSA continues to deny benefits for our Wounded Warrior clients who were proven disabled because of the income they receive from the government for their service. This continues even though SSA has a regulation (DI 10505.023) that allows those injured during active military duty to receive both disability benefits and military pay.

According to SSA’s website, “Active duty status and receipt of military pay does not, in itself, necessarily prevent payment of Social Security disability benefits. . . . If you are receiving treatment at a military medical facility and working in a designated therapy program or on limited duty, we will evaluate your work activity to determine your eligibility for benefits. . . . the actual work activity is the controlling factor and not the amount of pay you receive or your military duty status.”

SSA continues to harass those who have admirably served our country. JBA remains devoted to defending our Wounded Warriors to make sure they receive the benefits they deserve.


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