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Maryland Workers’ Compensation: A Complex System

mdworkerscompJenkins, Block and Associates, P.C., is proud to represent clients who are injured on the job throughout the entire state of Maryland.  With offices in Baltimore, Cambridge, and Hagerstown, our workers’ compensation attorneys frequently travel to all locations throughout the State where the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission conducts its hearings.  Eastern shore cases are heard in Cambridge.  Western Maryland cases are heard in LaVale.  Southern Maryland cases are heard in La Plata.  And north central Maryland cases are heard in Abingdon.  There are also hearing locations in Frederick, Beltsville, and Baltimore.  The address and directions to all of the Commission’s hearing offices can be easily found on the Commission’s website.

In order to best serve our clients, the lawyers at Jenkins, Block and Associates prefer to begin our representation as close to the date of accident as possible.   An injured worker in Maryland needs to realize that as soon as an employer is notified of an on the job injury, the employer reports the injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  The insurance carrier, in turn, assigns an adjuster to investigate and handle the claim.  Importantly, the insurance adjuster handles the claim on behalf of the employer and the insurance company.  The injured worker, therefore, is responsible for making sure that his or her rights are protected.

An injured worker who does not have knowledge of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act may inadvertently harm his case by proceeding without counsel.  Our experienced attorneys at Jenkins, Block and Associates have found that potential workers’ compensation clients may not have protected their claim by filing a claim form with the Commission.  Our experience is that injured workers often believe that once a claim is made with the insurance company that their rights are protected.  Such is not the case, a written claim form must be filed with the Commission.   Our lawyers prefer to assist our workers’ compensation clients with completing and filing the Employee Claim Form to assure the form is completed accurately and filed timely.

Whether an injury involves a muscle sprain or a more serious condition such as a herniated disk requiring surgery, our attorneys are interested in representing injured workers all throughout Maryland.  Potential clients can reach us toll free at 1-800-243-7122.  There is no charge for consultations.  In fact, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation law governs the fee that attorneys representing injured workers may charge.  The law sets forth a contingent fee structure, meaning there is no fee unless the lawyer assists the injured worker in recovering monetary benefits.  Further, the fee must be approved by the Commission.  Please feel free to visit our homepage or contact our experienced personal injury attorneys to discuss your case.

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