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Is My Workplace Injury Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Workplace Injury Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation, and medical benefits to employees.

If you are injured on the job and unable to work, you are unable to make a living and support your family. This is why Workers’ Compensation was put into place. It is a state-mandated insurance program that provides wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation, and medical benefits to employees who are injured in the workplace. However, there are certain restrictions that go along with workers’ compensation and not every workplace injury is covered.

What Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

What Types of Injuries Are Covered?

Any injury that can be categorized as a workplace injury – one related to your occupation – should be covered. Such injuries include, but are not limited to, broken bones, torn ligaments, nerve damage, occupational diseases, head injuries, and mental/psychological conditions. Injuries that are not typically covered include:

  • Injuries sustained while intoxicated or when using illegal drugs.
  • Self-inflicted injuries.
  • Injuries suffered while committing a crime or when an employee’s conduct violated company policy.

Do I Have to Be Injured in the Workplace?

No. As long as your injury is job-related, it does not have to occur in the workplace. Workers’ compensation will cover injuries sustained while traveling for business, running an errand for your business, and so on.

Are All Employees Covered?

No. Every state is different and every state excludes certain workers. For up-to-date information on workers’ compensation in Maryland or Virginia, click on the appropriate state in the text. Each state has its own laws and programs for workers’ compensation. 

Do I Need an Attorney to File a Claim?

No. You are not required to hire an attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim following a workplace injury. Still, you may elect to consult an attorney to help you through this complex process and ensure you get the full benefits you deserve.

Your employer and insurance company have skilled representatives protecting their rights. You should have someone protecting yours.

Get the Help You Deserve

Sustaining a serious workplace injury can be a very difficult time in anyone’s life. Let Jenkins Block and Associates help. Our firm has over 30 years of experience assisting clients in their workers’ compensation claims. And with four offices across Maryland and Virginia, Jenkins Block and Associates is well-positioned to meet your legal needs. Our team will be able to discuss your claim in depth and determine the best course of action for your case.

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