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Medical Malpractice News: Dr. Bryan Williams Is Scheduled to Appear Before The Maryland Physicians Board


Seek Attorney intervention today if you feel you’ve been mistreated by a medical professional.

Anesthesiologist, Dr. Bryan Williams is now scheduled to appear before the Maryland Physicians Board facing sexual molestation allegations. According to the Maryland State Medical Board’s initial charging documents, 3 women sought treatment for pain management and later alleged that Williams touched them inappropriately beneath the surgical gown. Once the document was made public, the Board received additional complaints from patients claiming Williams inappropriately touched them during physical examinations. With 7 individual patient complaints, Williams faces the possible seizure of his medical license. We urge those who feel they’ve been mistreated by Dr. Bryan Williams to speak up today! Attorney intervention is the only way to solve shocking incidents of medical malpractice.

Detailing Of Patient Allegations

Previously, there were 3 victims who came fourth with sexual mistreatment allegations. Recently, 4 more victims have revealed similar circumstances of medical malpractice. In each case, patients claim that Williams used his position as a medical professional to reach beneath their gowns. Patients reported feeling apprehensive about questioning his actions, because of his elevated medical title. In each isolated case, patient complaints are similar. William’s allegedly pulled down their under garments, feeling and fondling the buttocks and area between the legs. In all 7 complaints, a female chaperone was not present, and patient mistreatment ensued unobserved. It is normal to feel fearful and apprehensive when reporting medical malpractice, especially in cases involving sexual abuse! These circumstances are violating and traumatic. and a stark example of medical malpractice. Help The Maryland Physicians Board keep dangerous men out of the medical field. Speak up, if you too, feel you’ve been a victim of the same allegations highlighted in this blog.

Medical Malpractice Is A Violation Of The Law! Seek Help today If You Feel You’ve Been Mistreated By A Medical Professional

Jenkins Block and Associates will provide you with a medical malpractice lawyer in order to squash further physical and emotional harm. Seeking justice for malpractice cases will keep dangerous doctors from mistreating future patients. A closed mouth will only result in continued trauma. You are helping yourself, and so many others from serious personal distress. Consulting an individual with advanced legal insight in the medical field will prove to be extremely valuable, especially when questions or uncertainty arise on how to proceed.

Our lawyers will stand by you and offer you the best support while you go through these trying times. Legal battles based on cases in which you’ve been emotionally abused can be extremely difficult. At Jenkins Block, our attorneys understand this. Doctors have representation to protect and defend their interests. You deserve the same! Call us at 1-800-243-2439 or contact us online  to begin filing your medical malpractice claim!

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