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Do I Have to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, and receive injuries as a result of this accident, you may be wondering what you should do in regards to receiving treatment for those injuries. The short answer is: yes, it’s important for injured parties to seek treatment as soon as possible.

In addition to filing a police report, exchanging insurance information, you should also be talking with your attorney about any injuries you may have sustained from this accident, after being treated of course.

Car Accident

Distracted driving can cause more than just damage to your car.

Keep detailed records

If you have sustained any serious injuries, make sure to get medical care as soon as possible. Wherever you receive care, whether it be a hospital or an urgent care center, make sure to give a detailed account of how you were injured. Also, let your doctor know that you will require accurate records of the incident, and all care received. Both insurance companies and your attorney will need access to this information. Having your injuries treated before determining if your insurance should cover them will not affect your eligibility.

Follow up

As time passes by, you may find that not all of your injuries were apparent directly after the accident. Back and neck pain are the usual suspects, and it is common for these symptoms to show up multiple days after the accident occurred. It is important to follow up with your doctor and attorney if any new injuries appear. If these injuries are determined to be caused by the car accident, they should be covered under your insurance claim.

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When choosing an attorney to guide you through the process of an auto accident claim, it’s important to hire an individual experienced with the relevant laws. Consulting an individual who has insight on the auto accident claims process will prove to be extremely valuable in the long run, especially when questions arise or uncertainty on how to proceed.

Before trying to represent yourself in an auto accident claim, contact our office to make sure you understand the law and process. Protect yourself, know your rights: call us and Get JBA First!

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