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Distracted Driving Awareness Month Informs Drivers of Dangers

April is officially “Distracted Driving Awareness Month”, thanks to the National Safety Council. Accidents and fatalities as a result of distracted driving are increasing each year as drivers have access to more and more distracting technology and behaviors.distracted-driving-awareness-month

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “In 2013, there were a total of 30,057 fatal crashes in the United States involving 44,574 drivers. As a result of those fatal crashes, 32,719 people were killed.” Distracted driving is not only dangerous, but can have serious consequences.

Maryland distracted driving laws

In Maryland, both texting and talking on the phone while driving (unless using a hands-free device) is considered distracted driving. Driving while distracted carries a $40-$100 fine, and since texting while driving is a primary law, you can be pulled over just for texting while driving without committing another offense. While ‘just a fine’ may not seem that bad, distracted diving is also endangering everyone else around you.

The dangers of distracted driving

When your full attention isn’t on the road, your chances of an auto accident increase drastically. Not only are you distracted, but think about all the people around you who may also be distracted. On crowded highways where vehicles are travelling 60+ mph, taking your eyes or attention off the road for a mere second can result in a possibly-fatal accident.

Distracted driving not only puts the driver, the passenger(s) and other drivers around them at risk, but they put pedestrians at risk as well. Besides the possibility of fatalities, distracted driving can result in costly or stressful auto accident claims.

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