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Can My Social Security Benefits Be Affected by Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be a long, complex process that can leave both parties wondering how to divide their assets. What one or both may not realize, however, is to what extent Social Security benefits can be counted among those assets. In order for both you and your ex-spouse to get the compensation and benefits from Social Security you deserve, it is important to know a little bit more about how these benefits are affected by a divorce. Read on to find out more from your Social Security benefits attorney!

 Social-Security-DivorceAm I Entitled to Social Security Benefits After My Divorce?

 There are certain criteria that have to be met in order for a divorced individual to receive Social Security benefits. The length of the marriage is one of the most basic details; only couples who have been married for ten or more years can qualify for compensation. The other details are a little more complicated; they have to do with your ex-spouse’s work history. You should discuss your options with an attorney if you meet any of the following requirements:

-Your ex-spouse has been declared eligible for Social Security retirement or disability benefits (whether or not they have actually begun receiving those benefits).

-You (the spouse seeking benefits) are at least 62 years old and unmarried.

From these criteria, the amount of benefits you can or cannot claim may vary from case to case. But too often, couples who have begun divorce proceedings are unaware of the potential for Social Security benefits, and so they end up losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars in benefit payments. Sometimes, it makes more sense to delay a divorce if you and your spouse are relatively close to the ten-year qualifying mark. While this may slow the actual divorce process down, the financial sense that it makes is enough for some couples to reconsider their timing. The most important thing to do when navigating the complex arena of Social Security benefits and divorce is to have a qualified, experienced attorney on your side who will advocate for you. Ensure that you get all the compensation you are entitled to during your divorce when you call Jenkins Block & Associates.

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