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Baltimore Sun Reports How SSA Awards Jenkins & Block Client $206,000

After a nine-year struggle, the Social Security Administration has awarded our client, James Nicholas, more than $206,000 in disability benefits. In the Oct. 28 issue of the Baltimore Sun, Yvonne Wenger investigates the long wait many Americans go through while fighting for benefits after they become too disabled to work.

In the article, Nicholas’s wife, Yvonne, describes how it became a life or death issue: “‘This is how the system works: Usually, people give up or they die,’ Yvonne Nicholas said. ‘I wasn’t going to let that happen.’”

The article goes on to explain our firm’s involvement: “After 30 years spent practicing law, Block said that Nicholas’ back-benefits award is one of the largest he’s seen. Many of his clients die waiting for the Social Security Administration to issue a decision, Block said.”

Jenkins & Block is proud to have helped Mr. Nicholas get the benefits he deserved.

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