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Medical Malpractice Allegations Against Dr. Bryan Williams. Know Your Rights!


Speak up today if you think you’ve been the victim of sexual mistreatment from your health care provider.

Jenkins Block and Associates is now representing patients who were allegedly assaulted by Dr. Bryan Williams. A practicing anesthesiologist in Maryland, DC, and Virginia Dr. Williams is actively being charged with sexual misconduct involving three female patients he treated from 2012 to 2014. All three visited him for pain management and made claims to varied degrees of molestation and harassment. Our attorneys at Jenkins Block take the allegations against Dr. Williams very seriously. If you or a loved one believe you were mistreated by this man in any way, our law offices open their doors to you. Seeking restitution for an emotionally traumatizing, completely unacceptable violation of your human rights will keep such perverse forms of medical malpractice from repeating themselves. Connecting with experienced attorneys in the Maryland, DC area could be the saving grace for any future victims.  Speak up today for those without a voice!

Detailing of Dr. Bryan Williams’ Medical Malpractice

Dr. Williams is an anesthesiologist working with the Metro Spine Pain Centers office in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Three female patients allege they were victimized while receiving treatment at the Kaiser Health Center in Kensington, Maryland. Kaiser Permanente has been informed of the sexual mistreatment of these patients, and so far has done nothing to warn victims against the man. If that isn’t enough to make you question the company, they’ve also made no attempt to contact former and current patients with crucial information regarding their doctor’s shocking, unacceptable behavior, completely disregarding personal safety. The detailing of Dr. Williams’s misconduct is similar from all three victims. One reported being touched inappropriately beneath her surgical gown while he maintained eye contact with her. Two other female patients reported being fondled in the same manner, and upon asking him to stop, received no response and instead continued abuse. Each victim reported the incidents to their primary care providers, who then reported him to Kaiser. At Jenkins Block and Associates we stand up to corporate healthcare providers who do not take their patients’ safety and well-being seriously. We understand the severity, and lasting emotional scars sexual molestation cases will leave. We are willing to work with you to keep negligent healthcare professionals and malicious individuals from practicing medicine.

If You Feel You’ve Been Mistreated By Dr. Bryan Williams, Contact JBA to Speak to an Attorney!

Jenkins Block and Associates will provide you with a medical malpractice lawyer in order to squash further physical and emotional harm. Seeking justice for malpractice cases will keep dangerous doctors from mistreating future patients. A closed mouth will only result in continued trauma. You are helping yourself, and so many others from serious personal distress. Consulting an individual with advanced legal insight in the medical field will prove to be extremely valuable, especially when questions or uncertainty arise  on how to proceed.

Our lawyers will stand by you and offer you the best support while you go through these trying times. Legal battles based on cases in which you’ve been emotionally abused can be extremely difficult. At Jenkins Block, our attorneys understand this. Doctors have representation to protect and defend their interests. You deserve the same! Call us at 1-800-243-2439 or contact us online to begin filing your claim!

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